Smiljana Antonijevic

Digitizing Words of Power

by Smiljana Antonijevic 18 December 2010

Following an introductory presentation at the conference The Social Life of Methods in Oxford this fall, a pilot project, Digitizing Words of Power, has been presented in Alfalab on December 2nd. A collaborative endeavor of the University of Amsterdam, Virtual Knowledge Studio and Meertens Institute, Digitizing Words of Power is a sub-project of the NWO-VIDI […]

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28 Digital Humanties Projects awarded NEH grants

by Smiljana Antonijevic 6 September 2010

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has announced 28 new awards from the Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants program.  These grants support innovative projects in the digital humanities.
Here is the list of awarded projects.

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Alfalab at Knowledge Exchange workshop on VREs

by Smiljana Antonijevic 20 July 2010

Alfalab was recently presented at an international workshop Virtual Research Environments – the next steps. The workshop was held in Rotterdam on June23-24, 2010 and it was prepared and organized by the Knowledge Exchange working group on Virtual Research Environments.
The main aim of the workshop was to extend international dialogue and promote the development of VREs led by [...]

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Alfalab at HASTAC 2010 conference

by Smiljana Antonijevic 26 April 2010

Alfalab has recently been presented at the HASTAC 2010 conference Grand Challenges and Global Innovation, hosted by the Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts, and Social Science at the University of Illinois.
This entirely web-based conference was held in a multiplicity of digital spaces instigated from sites across the globe, and it brought together renown scholars [...]

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Grab a book to read, celebrate World Book Day

by Smiljana Antonijevic 23 April 2010

If you have not done that yet, make sure to grab a book today and devote some time to good old ‘close reading’. Treat your mind and celebrate the World Book Day.
By celebrating April 23rd as the World Book Day, UNESCO pays a world-wide tribute to books and authors, encouraging people to discover the pleasure [...]

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Alfalab at the Computational Turn

by Smiljana Antonijevic 10 March 2010

The Computational Turn workshop, held at Swansea University on March 9, 2010, featured keynote addresses by Katherine Hayles and Lev Manovich, and presented a set of contemporary projects and ideas in the field of digital humanities. Through stimulating presentations and discussions, the workshop participants have jointly shed light on methodological, epistemological and other questions relevant [...]

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Cultural Heritage Online Conference Proceedings Available

by Smiljana Antonijevic 23 February 2010

The official Conference Proceedings of an international conference Cultural Heritage Online – Empowering Users: An Active Role of User Communities are now available online, at
The conference was jointly organized by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage, the US Library of Congress, and the Foundation Rinascimento Digitale, and it brought together renowned scholars in the [...]

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Digging into Data Challenge Winners

by Smiljana Antonijevic 4 December 2009

An international grant competition Digging into Data Challenge, sponsored by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), has announced the 2009 Awardees. The following eight projects have been selected as the new grant winners:
Structural [...]

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Cultural Heritage Online

by Smiljana Antonijevic 1 December 2009

An international conference Cultural Heritage Online – Empowering Users: An Active Role of User Communities will be held on 15-16 December 2009 in Florence, Italy. The conference is jointly organized by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage, the US Library of Congress, and the Foundation Rinascimento Digitale.
Observing that the Internet continues to have a significant [...]

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Rare items from Shakespeare’s age go digital

by Smiljana Antonijevic 30 November 2009

Experts from King’s College London and the University of Reading are currently making the largest collection of material on professional theatre and dramatic performance in the age of Shakespeare and many other leading playwrights available online.
From 25 November fascinating and rare items will be available to view free at These include the only surviving records [...]

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Communication breakdowns

by Smiljana Antonijevic 12 November 2009

Alfalab members Maarten, Joris and Smiljana talked today about communication breakdowns that sometimes occur between computer scientists  who are developing instruments for scientific research, and the researchers–particularly in the humanities and social sciences — who are the intended users of those instruments.

“There is a problem of translation,” Joris noted.

Not only those two different [...]

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Developing Alfalab

by Smiljana Antonijevic 30 October 2009
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