• Knowledge Space Lab
    2009-2011 Knowledge Space Lab project contributes to the new research area of “maps of science”. The project develops an innovative research line addressing the difference between representing scholarly knowledge in (external) classifications systems (such as thesauri, ontologies, bibliographic systems) and “internal” representations based on data and user-tagging (such as network analysis, user annotations/tagging, folksonomies).
  • Alfalab
    2009-2011 Alfalab is a joint project by five institutes of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). In this project the foundation will be laid for the Humanities of the future through building a digital research infrastructure. Alfalab aims to unite digital sources and tools for analysis, in order to ease the use of the web for Humanities researchers.
  • Digital Scholarship Initiative
    2009 – 2010 The VKS Digital Scholarship initiative endeavors to increase access to VKS scholarship, increase direct participation in the communication of and discussion about its research, and to increase visibility of research practice as it happens in the field. The new website operates on an Open Source platform. In addition, VKS will distribute as Open Source any related VKS-developed software.
  • Hublab-2
    2009 The SURFShare project Hublab-2 Toward successful implementation of the Liferay platform in historical research continues and deepens the research into scholarly collaboration in the Humanities, in particular with respect to the use of virtual research environments by social and economic historians.
  • Ethics in E-research
    2009 The evergrowing sources of data and modes of scientific communication increase the diversity and complexity of ethical issues for researchers. In a context where greater accountability is demanded of researchers, we propose to investigate and support researchers in addressing the ethical issues that arise when research involves novel digital tools.
  • Interventionist Science and Technology Studies
    2007-2009¬†This 18-month project will address the question ‘What are the practical, empirical, theoretical and normative consequences of STS research practices that intentionally intervene in the fields they analyze?’ through a series of interviews with leading STS scholars who are actively exploring this question in their work.
  • Sign Linguistics Corpora Network (SLCN)
    The VKS is participant in a 3-year NWO(GW) funded network in which a group of linguists will collaborate on the first generation of sign language corpora that are now being established in Europe and elsewhere.The network aims to develop into an internationally representative body of expertise that will stimulate growth and innovation in this area of work.
  • Global Hubs
    2008-2009 The International Institute of Social History (IISH) supports and stimulates collaboratories or virtual research communities in the field of economic and social history. This work leads towards a new, empirical and non-eurocentric form of global history. Questions that emerge in the creation of collaboratories revolve around data standardization, suitable software, issues of datasharing and preservation of data.

Recent Projects