Alfalab is a joined project by five institutes of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). In this project the foundation will be laid for the Humanities of the future through building a digital research infrastructure.
Alfalab aims to unite digital sources and tools for analysis, in order to ease the use of the web for Humanities researchers.


Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and sciences


Virtual Knowledge Studio, Amsterdam: Anne Beaulieu, Charles van den Heuvel and Smiljana Antonijevic

The institutes joining in this project are:
The Huygens Instituut, Fryske Akademy, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), Virtual Knowledge Studio(VKS)and Meertens Instituut.
In the course of the project additional partners from in- and outside the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences will partake.


2009 to 2011


Alfalab is a collaborative project of five KNAW institutes, which aims to develop new platforms and tools for humanities research. The goal of this project is to promote use of digital tools and methods in the humanities research, and to foster cooperation of the humanities researchers at national and international scenes. Alfalab will disseminate knowledge about digital instruments and data applied in the humanities research; build digital instruments for the community of humanities researchers; explore the application of digital instruments in the humanities; investigate how these instruments can support and stimulate (virtual) collaborations.

Within the VKS research team, Smiljana Antonijevic will explore and assesses developments in digital humanities by surveying existing tools for humanities research. Smiljana will also pursue an ethnographic research focused on the use of digital tools in the humanities research; in particular, she will seek to identify problems that emerge as researchers renew their research practices with the aid of technology.

See also the project Tekstlab at the Huygensinsituut.