Sign Linguistics Corpora Network (SLCN)

Project description

This 3-year project is funded by the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) and is led by Dr. Onno Crasborn (Radboud University Nijmegen). The VKS is an associate partner in the project.

The network will bring together wide-ranging expertise and project-experience relating to a rapidly expanding area of work, the construction and exploitation of sign language corpora.
The aims of the network: share academic and community-based work on the large-scale capture, coding and analysis of sign language data; to unite technical, computational, linguistic and educationally oriented sign language corpus projects in a collective humanities interest, nurturing sign languages as the mother-tongue of deaf people; and to develop the network into an internationally representative body of expertise that supports collaborative practice and stimulates growth and innovation in sign language corpus linguistics and technology.


The objectives targeted in this NWO call will address two outcomes that are sought by this funding programme: add value to existing forms of incidental collaboration through regular meetings, improved communications, and better outward visibility; new forms of collaboration, including work on standards, coding, grammars and lexicons in sign linguistics and software, interfaces and infrastructures in computer technology; and write and submit an international grant proposal, a foresight study on structural international collaboration in corpus sign linguistics.

The SLCN network is online at

Links to sign language corpora
Nederlandse Gebarentaal (NGT): NGT corpus
British Sign Language (BSL): BSL corpus

See also the four sign language corpora (British, Dutch, German and Swedish) listed in the IMDI browser located at the Max Planck Institute — JAVA-enabled browsers only.