Nick Jankowski

Visiting Fellow

Nicholas W. Jankowski is Associate Professor at the Department of Communication, University of Nijmegen. He has been involved in the investigation of community media and other small-scale communication facilities since the mid-1970s. His publications include: The People’s Voice: Local Radio and Television in Europe (with O. Prehn and J. Stappers, Libbey, 1992); The Contours of Multimedia (with L. Hanssen, Luton, 1996); Community Media in the Information Age (Hampton, 2002); and A Handbook of Qualitative Methodologies for Mass Communication Research (with K.B. Jensen, Routledge, 1991). He is preparing a methodology textbook on new media research with Martine van Selm (Sage, 2003). One of his current research interests involves the study of public discourse through Internet-based discussions. Jankowski is initiator and co-editor of the journal New Media & Society, and Associate Editor of Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research. He is founding board member of the European Institute of Communication and Culture (Euricom) and editorial board member of the journal Javnost-The Public.

Nick is visiting fellow with VKS since June 2006.