Wiebe Bijker

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Wiebe E. Bijker (born 19 March 1951) is a Dutch professor, chair of the Department of Social Science & Technology at the Faculty of Arts & Culture in the Universiteit Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Bijker was born in Delft; after finishing Gymnasium in Emmeloord (1969), he received his Bachelor of Philosophy in 1974 from the Universiteit van Amsterdam and his Drs. (old style Dutch Master) in Physical Engineering in 1976 from the Technische Hogeschool, Delft (now the Delft University of Technology). He received his PhD from the Universiteit Twente in 1990.

Before becoming the Professor of Technology & Society at Maastricht University he was an assistant and associate professor of philosophy (1987-1994) at the university (then still called Rijksuniversiteit Limburg).

Bijker’s fields of research include social and historical studies of science, technology and society; theories of technology development; methodology of science, technology and society studies; democratisation of technological culture; science and technology policies; ICT, multimedia and the social-cultural dimensions of the information society; gender and technology; and meta studies of architecture, planning, and civil engineering.

Professor of Technology & Society