Collaboratory Members

The Studio Collaboratories are aimed at mobilising international expertise in specific areas, especially where there is a lack of experts in the Netherlands. The Studio will start off with four collaboratories. The research in the Methodological Foci will be organised in collaboratories with international research groups that have specialised in the specific methodology: Virtual Ethnography, Web Archiving for Scholarly Research, and Simulation. In addition, the Studio will organise its work on Web data also in the form of a collaboratory. These collaboratories will be used to stimulate bilateral visits between the collaboratory participants, organise panels at scientific conferences, coordinate special issues of scientific journals or edited volumes, co-supervise students and prepare joint research proposals at the international level. Prospective portals of the collaboratories will also be used to exchange experiences in the field and share research materials and methods.

More details about the collaboratories will appear here shortly.