PhD Supervision

  • Judith Dormans, Maastricht University, Narrative fan practices in pervasive game worlds (expected completion: 2014)
  • Jessica Bier, Maastricht University, Mapping Israel, Mapping Palestine. Space and materiality in the digital cartography of Jerusalem (expected completion: 2013)
  • Matthijs Kouw, Maastricht University, Simulation and the vulnerability of technological culture (expected completion: 2012)
  • Niels van Doorn, ASCoR, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Digital Spaces, Material Traces. Investigating the performance of gender, sexuality and embodiment on internet platforms that feature user-generated content (awarded 2010)
  • Vanessa Dirksen, FEE, Universiteit van Amsterdam title: Social Imaginaries of Technology and Work: A Connective Ethnography. (awarded 2007)
  • Tamara Witschge, ASCoR, Universiteit van Amsterdam title: In/difference online: The issue of immigration on the Internet (awarded 2007)
  • Caroline Nevejan, ASCoR, Universiteit van Amsterdam Presence and the design of trust (awarded 2007) [available online at: http://www.being-here.net]
  • Helen Kennedy, School of Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London, Digits and subjects: autobiographies of multimedia and identity (awarded 2003)
  • PhD Training Co-ordinator (2005-2010) for Netherlands Graduate Research School for Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC) see: www.wtmc.net
  • Member of examining committees of PhD dissertations at University of Manchester; University of Sussex; Universiteit van Amsterdam; Maastricht University; Universiteit Twente; Utrecht University; Leiden University; Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim; University of Buffalo, US; Universiteit Leuven, Belgium; Universiteit Gent, Belgium

University of Amsterdam (1999-2006)


  • Co-ordination of PhD Internet club – fortnightly seminar
  • Supervision of ‘scripties’ (equivalent to MA dissertations)
  • MA seminar, ‘Informing ourselves to death’ (jointly with International School for Humanities & Social Sciences)
  • Year 2, ‘Internet, Communication and Technology’ (coordinator, lectures and seminar leader)
  • Year 2, International Communication (seminar leader)
  • Year 2, Wetenschapsfilosofie (Philosophy of Science) (seminar leader)
  • Year 2, Leeronderzoek, ‘Access to the Internet’ (research seminar – self-defined student projects)
  • Occasional lectures and scriptie supervision for MA in European Communication, International School for Humanities and Social Sciences (ISHSS)

Sociale Wetenschappelijke Informatica

  • Year 3-4 ‘Informatietechnologie, Economie en Werk’ (seminar)
  • Year 3-4 ‘Computer Mediated Communication’ (seminar)
  • Year 2 ‘Innovatie, Organisatie en Informatiesystemen’ (seminar & lectures)

Previous Teaching

University of East London

  • MA Society, Science and Technology in Europe – Course Tutor (1994-99)- ‘Europe in an Information Society: Theory & Policy’- ‘Contemporary problems of society, science and technology in Europe’- ‘Entering the world of the laboratory’

    - supervision of dissertations

    - liaison with 12 partner universities in other European countries

    - International Coordinator (September 1996 – December 1999)

  • BSc (Hons) New Technology (Interdisciplinary Studies)- Year 3 ‘State of the Art in Information Technology’- Year 3 ‘Technology, Information & Consumption’- Year 1 ‘Innovation, Technology and Culture: Historical & Theoretical Perspectives’

    - Year 1 ‘IT and the Economy’

    - supervision of final year projects

    - First Year Tutor (responsible for all aspects of first year of degree, 1990-93)

Brighton Polytechnic

- supervision of DMS (Diploma in Management Studies), MBA and MPhil dissertations

- ‘Research Methods’ to first year undergraduates and to postgraduates

- ‘Macroeconomics’ to first year undergraduates

Workers’ Education Association (WEA)

- ‘Women and Technology’ ten week adult education course, in 1983 and 1984 (taught collectively with other women)

University of Sussex

- ‘Introduction to Economics’ to second year science undergraduates

- ‘Economic Analysis of Social Problems’ to second year sociology undergraduates

- ‘Elementary Statistics’ to first year economics undergraduates