Staging the Studio – forthcoming publication

by Sarah de Rijcke 24 December 2012

One of the final fruits of our labor will be published next year: A contribution to “Hiding Making, Showing Creation. The Studio from Turner to Tacita Dean.” In: Esner, Kisters & Lehmann (eds.), Amsterdam University Press. The chapter is called Staging the Studio: … Continue reading

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Social Technology Special Issue is out!

by Anne Beaulieu 18 April 2012

We are very pleased to announce that our special issue on ‘social technology’ has now appeared. It is the issue of April 2012 (22(2)) of the Journal Theory and Psychology. Please contact the editors for more information: Anne Beaulieu, Maarten Derksen, and Signe Vikkelsø. The introduction to the special issue is entitled ‘Social technologies: Cross-disciplinary […]

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Special issue in press!

by Anne Beaulieu 30 November 2011

It’s our turn to go into production at Theory & Psychology!!! Here is the table of contents!

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Final Symposium

by Clifford Tatum 5 October 2011

Op 29 September werd het project Alfalab afgesloten met een feestelijk symposium op het Trippenhuis in Amsterdam. De deelnemers aan het project (Huygens ING, DANS, Fryske Akademy, Meertens Instituut en eHumanities) lieten met live demo’s en toelichtingen zien welke digitale applicaties er in de laatst twee jaar in het kader van het project zijn ontwikkeld: […]

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Building VREs

by Clifford Tatum 23 September 2011

'R&D in Alfalab's workshop to build GeoLab'

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Symposium – eHumanities in Practice

by Clifford Tatum 7 September 2011

The Alfalab team is hosting a one day symposium to celebrate the successful conclusion of phase 1 of the project. On the 29th of September the project leaders will present their results and will demonstrate the various tools and applications that were delivered during and as a result of this first phase of the project. […]

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NESSHI is launched! — When neuroscience meet the social sciences and humanities

by Clement 15 June 2011

What is NESSHI? NESSHI stands for “The Neuro-turn in European Social Sciences and Humanities: Impact of neuroscience on economics, marketing and philosophy”. It is a 3-year European project involving partners from the UK, Netherlands, Germany and France, which started in June 2011. It aims at providing a better view of the transformation of disciplines from […]

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Ethics and Ethnography

by Anne Beaulieu 15 June 2011

An outcome of a fine collaboration, fed by lots of discussions with Annamaria Carusi and with members of the Virtual Ethnography Collaboratory–thanks everyone! Beaulieu, Anne and Adolfo Estalella. In Press, 2012. Rethinking Research Ethics for Mediated Settings. Information, Communication and … Continue reading

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What difference does a website make?

by Anne Beaulieu 2 June 2011

A website that presents the collection through gorgeous visuals is now considered a must for any self-respecting museum. Photographs of objects, of exhibitions and of the museum itself are increasingly frequent interfaces, linking museums, visitors, experts, collections. How are users … Continue reading

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VP-Cross in mei

by leen.breure 31 May 2011

De met Xpos’re gemaakte verrijkte publicaties zijn nu op nog meer platforms leesbaar. In de afgelopen maand is een nieuwe versie van RipConverter beschikbaar gekomen, waarmee de XML-tekst ook kan worden geconverteerd naar mobiele platforms, zoals iPhone en e-reader.   De volgende gebruiksmogelijkheden zijn nu beschikbaar: Puur Flash: de XML-tekst wordt gepresenteerd in DocReader.swf. De […]

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Hello world!

by Clifford Tatum 13 May 2011

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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VP-Cross in april

by leen.breure 3 May 2011

Inmiddels is er een website voor de tools die wij voor verrijkte publicaties ontwikkelen (http://www.cs.uu.nl/research/projects/i-cult/xposre/). Deze bevat een korte beschrijving van het geheel, dus niet alleen van hetgeen in het kader van VP-Cross wordt ontwikkeld, maar ook van de Flash-tools. We hebben even moeten zoeken naar een passende naam; uiteindelijk zijn we uitgekomen op XPOS’RE: […]

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Why the increasing societal interest in neuroimaging?

by Clement 11 April 2011

Video and slides of my presentation at the “Imaging the Mind” Conference:
(does not properly display on Google Chrome 11 beta, looks fine on Internet Explor…

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VP-Cross in maart

by leen.breure 31 March 2011

De afgelopen maand heeft vooral in het teken gestaan van correcties en verbetering in gebruiksgemak van de verschillende componenten. Bij softwareontwikkeling geldt de bekende 80/20-regel: 80% van de functionaliteit wordt in 20% van de tijd gerealiseerd, maar die laatste 20% kost 80% van de tijd. Wij hebben daar nu ook last van. Bij testen komen […]

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VP-Cross in februari

by leen.breure 24 February 2011

Deze maand zijn wij gestart met het eerste workpackage van VP-Cross: het naar HTML converteren van de XML-tekst die als invoer dient voor de Flash-document reader. Daarbij wordt de paginastructuur van de Flash-versie niet nagebouwd, maar gaat het vooral om één nette HTML-tekst die goed is te printen, op alle mogelijke apparaten getoond kan worden […]

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Presentation at Open Annotation Workshop in Chicago

by maarten.hoogerwerf 17 February 2011

DANS is invited to present the Open Annotation Demonstrator of Alfalab at the OAC Workshop which will be held on 24 –25 March in Chicago, IL. Goal of this workshop is to “examine, comment on, and provide feedback on how well the OAC data model and framework intersects (or fails to intersect) with domain-specific needs for […]

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Rich Internet Publications (RIP)

by Clifford Tatum 18 November 2010

Today Leen Breure is talking about Rich Internet Publications: super enhanced research publications. A new way of bringing research material to an on line published state. They’re lightweight, cheap and easy to create. They tie together text, tools (research instruments) and non linear reading of research results. The advantage over traditional (journal) publications is that […]

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Annamaria Carusi visits Alfalab

by Clifford Tatum 14 October 2010

We have the pleasure of welcoming Annamaria Carusi of the University of Oxford at Alfalab today. Dr Carusi is Senior Research Associate of the Oxford E-Research Institute, and is currently a visitor of the Virtual Knowledge Studio. She has recently completed a major survey of  Virtual Research Environments, which is [...]

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The art of randomized landscaping

by Sarah de Rijcke 10 June 2010

Sarah Janssen is a cross-media designer, and is currently enrolled in the Frank Mohr MFA Interactive Media and Environments. Janssen recently launched an interesting project called Googlescape. She advertises it as a web-based gallery of photographs generated via Google Streetview. … Continue reading

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Photographic documents of beauty and truth

by Sarah de Rijcke 26 May 2010

Photographer Hans van den Bogaard was recently commissioned by the Amsterdam Academic Medical Center (AMC) to photograph part of the Vrolik collection. This 19th century collection consists of over five thousand anatomical, pathological-anatomical, zoological and teratological specimen. Van den Bogaard’s … Continue reading

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